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Dear friends,

A long time has passed away since our last meeting in Girona…
It was an unfortunate situation that we all had to face, but finally it appears that bad times are over.

So it is with a lot of pleasure and happiness that we, the Organization of EVRICUP Viana do Castelo 2023, announce the new tournament, from 28th June to 1st July.
You, your families and friends are all welcome to our city of Viana do Castelo! Hope you could come and spend a couple of days enjoying our event, weather, monuments, great food and wines.
Thank you very much for your presence!!
Let us all make this a great event with good competition and lots of fair play!

Pedro Carvalho
Pedro Martins
Tiago Alvadia
Vasco Enes
Rui Natário
and remaining members of staff without whom none of this would be possible.


Caros amigos,

Já lá vão 4 longos anos desde o nosso último encontro em Girona…
Circunstâncias fora do nosso controlo e vontade obrigaram-nos a suspender aquele que, para nós, é o melhor torneio de Hóquei em Patins em veteranos.
Agora que tudo parece regressar à normalidade, é com imenso prazer e felicidade que a Organização do EVRICUP Viana do Castelo 2023 anuncia o novo torneio, que decorrerá entre 28 de Junho e 1 de Julho deste ano, dando-vos a todos, atletas, equipas, famílias, amigos e acompanhantes, as boas vindas à cidade de Viana do Castelo.
Esperamos que a vossa estadia seja plena de alegria, boa disposição, competição e fair play, bem acompanhada pela excelente gastronomia e vinhos da região!

Pedro Carvalho
Pedro Martins
Tiago Alvadia
Vasco Enes
Rui Natário
e restantes membros, cujo voluntarismo torna possível este convívio.


Bom dia / Good Morning,

Os restaurantes com protocolo serão os seguintes:

Restaurants with special prices for Evricup's Viana participants:

- Restaurante Melo (em frente ao Pavilhão da Meadela/at the uppersite of the rink)
- Restaura
nte Santos (próximo do Pavilhão Zé Natário (antigo Monserrate)/ nearby the rink Zé Natário
- Bar do Pavilhão Zé Natário

Quanto aos hóteis ainda não há preços protocolados mas contamos brevemente dar informações nesse sentido.

Por favor explorem todas as opções dada a afluência causada pelo Viana Cidade Europeia do Desporto.
We are waiting for the hotels to gives us their best lodging conditions and prices. In the meantime please try all

possible solutions, suchs as Airbnb.

Nomes dos Hoteis / Hotel names:

Hotel Parque           --  00351 258 828 605  (2,8km from Rink)  -- Hotel do Parque – Viana do Castelo
Hotel Axis                 -- 00351 258 802 000  (2,9km from Rink)  -- Axis Hotéis & Golfe | Website Oficial (
Hotel Feel Viana      -- 00351 258 330 330   (5,6km from Rink)  -- FeelViana 
Hotel Rali                  -- 00351 258 829 770   (2,2km from Rink)  -- Hotel em Viana do Castelo: Hotel Rali Viana | Web Oficial
Hotel Laranjeira       -- 00351 258 822 261    (1,8km from Rink)  -- Hotel Lar
anjeira (
Hotel Margarida da Praça --  00351 258 809 630  (2 km from Rink)  -- Centro da cidade | Margarida da Praça | Viana do Castelo | hotel | alojamento | (
Hotel Flor de Sal      --   00351 258 800 100 (1,1km form Rink)  -- Hotel Flôr de Sal: o seu hotel e SPA com o mar de companhia (

Daremos mais notícias posteriormente.  Hold on for further news.

Saudações desportivas.  Regards

Pedro Carvalho



Welcome to Evricup 2023

Dear EVRI-CUP friends,

We are very pleased to invite you to another edition of the EVRICUP !!


This most expected, hopefully great event, will take place from June 28th, until July 1st of 2023,

at Viana do Castelo - Portugal.

Sorry for this delay but there were some issues we were forced to take care.

So please remember:

- Send confirmation note until 31- January 2023 to:
copy to:

You just need to remember the old rules:

- 10 players and 2 delegates for each team
- All players aged more then 50 can play in both catogeries (+35 and +50)

- Players under age of 50, are not allowed to play in the 50+ catogery

- Players are not allowed to play for 2 differents teams


Please be wise to choose the one that fits your fitness.
Please beware that you are not allowed to participate if you took part in the federated classe in the previous season 2020/2021

Also take due note that this invitation doesn't necessary means that all the teams can participate. 

Further information regarding confirmations and payment will be send soon.

Rules will tell us wich are the teams that are better placed (please check EVRI Results) to take part in this event.

Therefore please hold on for further information

The registration fee is set at 250,00 euro (two hundred and fifty euro) and 15 euro, concerning other expenses.

Total : 265 euro

Please wait for further instructions such as bank and account coordenates as well as time limit for the necessary money transfer.

Registration fee wil intitle all members of each team (maximum 12 persons) to take part at dinner that will occur after the end of the tournement.

Family members or friends can take part as well by paying an aditional amount of 25,00 euro each. Reservations until 01-06-2023


In case of drop out until 20-04-2023 there will be a refund of 50% of the registration fee

In case of drop out until 20-05-2023 we are sorry to say there is no refund.






Soon we will send you names of hotel facilities and other relevant information.

Stay tunned for more informations

Best regards,

Pedro Carvalho  (



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