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Longevidade Desportiva e Segurança no Desporto

  • Evricup 2018 Viana
  • Evricup Finals
“Portugal Expect the Unexpected - Viana do Castelo”

“Portugal Expect the Unexpected - Viana do Castelo”

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Pavilhão Municipal de Monserrate

Av. de Atlantico

4900-348 Viana do Castelo


Pavilhão Desportivo de Meadela

Rua Quinta do Bispo de Angola

4900-503 Viana do Castelo


Category +35 veterans


Juv. de Viana                                             Portugal

 C.T. Barcino                                             Spain

GEiGG                                                        Spain

Rolta R.H.C.Leuven                                  Belgium

C.Patin. Vilafranca                                   Spain

C.P. Parede                                               Portugal

Paço de Arcos                                          Portugal

Hockey Club Ottoruotte Carbonia        Italy

Amatori Hockey Bassano                       Italy

F.C. Porto  - Vintage                                Portugal

Óquei Clube de Barcelos                       Portugal

Juventude Vila Praia                               Portugal

Category +50 veterans 


Juv. de Viana                                                         Portugal

Dreamteam                                                          The Netherlands

G.D.R. Os Lobinhos                                             Portugal

H.C. Castiglione                                                   Italy

C.P. Cibeles                                                          Spain

Hocky Evergreen Trieste 50                              Italy

GEiGG                                                                   Spain

C.T. Barcino Old Cat 50                                      Spain

E.H.R.C. Marathon                                              The Netherlands

Kurink HC                                                             Belgium

Centro Asturiano Oviedo                                  Spain

Tergest-A.S.D Tergest Hoquey Evergreen      Italy

Voltrega                                                                Spain

C.P. Parede                                                          Portugal

La Portena Argentina                                        Argentina

Amatori Hockey Bassano                                 Italy


Dear friends,

We are very pleased to invite you to another edition of the EVRICUP !!
In this case the Evricup 2018 in Viana do Castelo-Portugal.
This most expected, hopefully great event, will take place from the 20th to the 23th of June 2018.

So please remember:
Send confirmation note as soon as possible to:
or / and

Thank you very much.

Kind regards,

The Organization.


You just need to remember the old rules as well:


- 10 players and 2 delegates for each team

- All players aged more then 50 can play in both cathegories   (35+ and 50+).

  Please be wise to choose the one that fits your fitness
  But if you'r under 50, then i'm sorry to say, that you can only   play with the kids.


- Please beware that you are not allowed to participate if you took part in the federate classe in the previous season 2016/2017. Also take due note that this invitation doesn't necessary means that all the teams can participate. 

Further information regarding confirmations and payment will soon be sent.

- Rules will tell us wich are the teams that are better placed (please check credits) to take part in this event.

Therefore please hold on for further information

- The registration fee is set at 250,00 eur (two hundred and fifty euro). Please wait for further instructions such as bank and account coordenates as well as time limit for the necessary money transfer.

- Registration fee wil intitle all members of each team (maximum 12 persons) to take part at dinner that will occur after the end of the tournament.

- Family members or friends can also take part by paying an aditional amount of 25,00 eur each. Reservations until 01-06-2018.

- In case of drop out until 20-04-2018 there will be only a refund of 50% of the registration fee

-  In case of drop out until 20-05-2018 we are sorry to say there is no refund.

-  Soon we will send you names of hotel facilities and other relevant information.

-  Stay tunned for more informations

Best regards,

Pedro Carvalho  (


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