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This site hosts all the general info regarding the European Veteran Roller hockey Invitational Cup, An event to be held once a year (in the Spring or Autumn) throughout Europe to promote veteran roller hockey at its highest level. There are two categories, the well known 35+ tournament (since 2003) and the 50+ tournament (since 2009). 

From 2025 on, both categories will change to +40 years and +55 years.

The purpose of this website is to be a platform for the participants, their teams, the press, sponsors and every other fan of roller hockey and veteran roller hockey in particular. Besides the general info on this site each tournament organization can share there information in separate tab on this site. Feel free to send an e-mail to the webmaster. (


The Jaime Labory Memorial Cup is a challenge in memory of one of the founders, the Spaniard Jaime Labory, of the EVRICup circuit, . This international roller hockey prize is awarded to a person, institution or group with a great contribution to the development of the kind of sport roller hockey, at national and / or international level.

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